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  • Currently offered at our office free of charge and by appointment only for 16 year olds
    scheduled for the 6 hours behind the wheel package with our office

  • Must be accompanied at NJ MVC by licensed instructor or registered agent
    if test taker is 16 years old and not taking test at our office

  • Knowledge/vision testing for individuals 17+ years of age, must be done by appointment only at a NJ MVC licensing facility AFTER obtaining examination permit




  • Must be purchased by registered agent or licensed driving instructor at MVC licensing facility
    for applicants 16 years of age

  • Properly completed permit application required

  • Original US birth certificate or valid US passport is required by MVC as proof of identity
    (non-citizens, please visit NJ MVC website for alternate requirements)

  • Copy of social security card required by MVC
    (non-citizens, please visit NJ MVC website for alternate requirements)

  • Knowledge test blue card waiver OR barcoded web receipt from HS drivers education class
    is required, otherwise appointment for knowledge test must be scheduled

  • Test for visual acuity of 20/50 with or without corrective lenses is now offered
    at our office free of charge

  • $10 permit processing fee is included in pricing

We cannot purchase permits or administer vision/knowledge tests for individuals 17 or older


  • Drivers under 21 years old must display red reflectorized decals on front and back plates of vehicle
    We will provide one set free of charge for students completing the 6 hours behind the wheel session with us. Additional sets available at NJ MVC licensing centers ... $4/set

  • Driving prohibited between 11:01pm and 5:00am

  • One passenger allowed, unless supervising driver is a parent/guardian,
    then additional passengers permitted

  • Cell phones, video games and hand-held interactive/wireless communication devices prohibited

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times


  • Permit

  • Printout of confirmation email IF not the original test date

    Recent bank statement
    Recent HS transcript/report card with current school photo ID

    (non-citizens, please visit NJ MVC website for alternate requirements)

  • Original US birth certificate
    Valid US passport

  • SECONDARY ID (need 2):
    (non-citizens, please visit NJ MVC website for alternate requirements)

  • Social security card
    (Proof of number is MANDATORY)

  • Knowledge test waiver / barcoded web receipt from HS or driving school

  • Insurance/prescription/ATM card with preprinted name

  • Auto License Application (provided by MVC)

  • $6 fee (debit or credit card ONLY)

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